Kim Young Chul


사이 Interval – Oil on canvas 60.6x50cm 1994


Kim Young Chul (Korean, B.1948)

1972 Graduated from Painting Dept. of Serabul Art College, Seoul
Solo Exhibitions
2008 Insa Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1996 Chong Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1993 Ihn Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1991 Yeh Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1988 Dongduk Museum, Seoul, Korea

Selected Group Exhibitions
2007 Ceremony Making The Group Ter, Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea
Small Wonders, Insa Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Today’s Korean Modern Arts, Gallery Ballarte, Seoul, Korea
2005 The 55th Anniversary for O-hun High School, Jeju, Korea
2003 Big 12 Artists, Dansung Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2002 Harmony & Win Win, Jeju Culture & Arts Center, Jeju, Korea
1999 Perfumes of the wind 4 Artists, Jeju Culture & Arts Center, Jeju, Korea
Joongang Fine Arts Prize-Awarding a Prize Artists, Hoam Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Anniversary Exhibhition, Chonghakdae Museum, Anseong, Korea
1998 Hanlla Fine Art Association, Jeju, Korea
1997 Insa Dong 8 Artists, Dansung Gallery, Seoul, Korea
The 26th Anniversary Exhibition, Chosun Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Jeju Art Festival, Jeju, Korea
1996 Now & Future for Korea Contemporary, University of Suwon, Korea
1995 May Art Festival, Yeh Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1994 Anniversary Exhibition, Sejong Museum, Jeju, Korea