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Small Wonders


매년 1월 기획하는 전시 Small Wonders는 대부분 50cm 이하의 갤러리 소품 컬렉션을 전시합니다. 근현대, 컨템포러리 국내외 유명작가와 갤러리 전속작가, 신진작가의 추상, 인물, 정물, 풍경 등 다양한 회화, 판화, 입체 70여점으로 구성되어 있습니다.

The annual exhibition Small Wonders, showcases a collection of 50cm or smaller artworks. The exhibition features a diverse selection of paintings, prints, and sculptures, totaling around 70 pieces, including abstract, figurative, still life, and landscape works by renowned contemporary artists from both domestic and international scenes, as well as exclusive artists from Insa gallery.